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Here at Planet Linz we want to serve as the one-stop resource for guys who want to know all about women. Women who work as escorts at escort agencies. Meeting women online in the online dating scene. Handling your struggles with a woman in a marriage or relationship.

Guys like to work. It’s what we do, and what we are. But let’s face it — guys like to think about women. It’s pretty much all we think about (with the possible exception of beer and sports, but even then …).

Settle in and peruse the articles on our site. Then head out to downtown San Diego and get laid! And yes, I live in that city, and there’s no better town in California, or maybe even the country.

Escorts and Online Dating

It’s a funny thing how online dating is different from meeting a woman at a party, bar or escort agency. It takes a different kind of finesse. The thematic structures are the same but the process is different because the woman is not in front of you.

San Diego Escort

A lot of really hot women are on the internet because for them it is a “last chance for love.” To hot women, most guys off line are like total losers. They act needy, uncalibrated, and the like. For these women, it’s like their last chance. So, that’s why there are so many women online. You’ll even find escorts on dating sites. At least here in San Diego, where I live. I guess even escorts need to date. And when they do, the last thing they want to do is date someone who has been a client of theirs.

Now, having said that, you know that you have to approach the women on the internet, so to speak. The way you do this online is to send out an email on a dating site. When you scan the woman that meets your preferences, and you read what they want from a guy on their profile, it’s pretty tough.

They may want a guy that’s 6’2″ blue eyes, and makes $150,000. Now that’s tough if you’re 5’7″, Indian with dark brown eyes, and make $50,000.

You sit there and go “crap, I can’t get this girl,” then reluctantly go on to the next profile hoping to match up with what the next girl wants. Don’t do that!

SD Babes Escort Service

Like approaching anxiety in the real world, you have to approach her online and and say screw the woman’s preferences. You deserve to want that woman. Never feel ashamed about who and what you want from a woman.

Moreover, the one thing you have to understand about women is that online a woman is in the “grocery list” mentality. I heard this from a San Diego escort who works out of the SD Babes escort agency at SDBabes.com. Her mind is on the logic of shopping for guys online. When they are like this they are not being realistic; they are being logical and that logic is not really real and can be overridden by eliciting their emotional and primal side.

You can achieve this by teasing the girl online in your initial email. But here in lies another problematic element to what I have dubbed Online Approach Anxiety. You get frightened to email the woman in the first place (if you don’t match what she’s looking for), and then when you actually do work up the nerve, your emails are stiff and flat — no teases, no playfulness, no nothing. Just a dry email that’s “safe” to send. Don’t do that.

But, I know the feeling well. When you get rejected on the internet it’s a lot different than getting rejected offline at a club or bar. It seems more personal online because you are by yourself. It’s weird but still painful.

More tips from another escort I know — a sweet lady who works from the SD Babes escort service (yeah, you caught me — I spend a lot of time and money on escorts). Well, just know that this is in your head and that you must try and be yourself in the emails. I’ve written thousands of emails over the years and I know for a fact that after a while, you stop caring. Actually, the minute that you do, that’s when you will get success because a woman knows you have the ability to walk away. What I call, being better than her.

As pointed out in the San Diego Magazine, the trouble here is that a lot of guys give up super fast because they don’t get the results that they want right away online. It takes a little time to become acclimated to online dating. It’s different, but well worth it if you can master it.

So, when you are in front of that computer screen, and feel that anxiety, just barrel though it. With time you will get better.

Dating Outside Type

Are you the best judge of what you need from a romantic relationship?

How many of you think to yourselves, “I know exactly what I am looking for in a date, my next partner, or even a lifelong mate.” Have you ever considered dating or looking outside that preconceived notion? Surprising results can and do occur!

Opposites Attract

My point is you may think you know what you want or what you need, but what if you’re wrong. Are you open to dating outside of that type? What if you meet someone, really hit it off, and seem to have a lot in common? Would you turn them down if they didn’t fit your previously established criteria? Would you give them a chance and at least accept the date?

I would encourage you to look outside of your pre-conceived dating ‘type.’ Dating outside of type can do a couple different things for you:

  • You get to meet and know different people and you will learn new things and maybe even pick up something new yourself through the connection/relationship.
  • You could meet the one, and be surprised at what you really need in a partner vs. just what you thought you wanted. Again, be open to the possibilities!

If they are a true companion who makes you laugh, who you can cry and be yourself with, and who is a great listener and really cares about you, isn’t that more important than blue eyes and blond hair?