Is A Dog Dating Site Right For You?

Well let’s assume you’ve done your research. You’ve read all the online dating site reviews and even taken some extra time to log onto some of those online dating sites you may want to join, just to see how it works. And after all you still are not sure which one is the best for you (and you’re probably intrigued by the idea of a dog dating site and what that means, as well).

Here is a fact. When it comes down to actually choosing a decent online dating site, there are two most important factors that a majority of people are faced with. One, how serious are you? Meaning are you someone just looking to play around or are you actually, seriously looking for a decent partner with whom you can achieve a fulfilling relationship? Two, how much money are you prepared to spend? Some people, though very serious about looking for a partner just may not be able to spend so much on an online dating site.

For those who are really serious about finding someone special to be with, and who do not mind paying a couple bucks instead of going for a free dating site, we say go for This is a marriage dating site. The unique thing about this site is that it does not admit members looking for all kinds of relationships. You know, “just friends”, “hang out”, “activity partner” and all the like. When you sign up on this site you are either looking for a long relationship and/or marriage.

Those are the only two options they give you. So I guess it is safe to say they are the one Marriage only site I have found on the web. Others have tried it and have been extremely satisfied. Not to say that results will be the same for every single person. But when you join a site where all members are looking for the same thing, your chances of finding that special person are much higher than you going with a junk site that has free membership and attracts and admits all kinds of weirdos.

Doggy Double Date

Now if you are someone not really looking for a serious and committed relationship, there are other options you might like to consider. You will have to decide if you want to go for free online dating sites or go for something more decent and pay a small fee. Check out pros and cons of paid and free dating sites to know what you will be dealing with for which ever one you chose.

For dating to work, it’s very important that the man and woman have something in common (get ready for the dog part of the article). Sure, they say opposites attract. And they do. Probably because there’s a certain amount of intrigue and mystery in meeting with someone who is completely different than you. But for a relationship to go beyond the casual stage, there needs to be some glue that holds two people together.

With that in mind it’s a good idea to choose a dating site that attempts to link two people who have a particular common interest. Doggy Double Date at is one such dating website. The common interest? Dogs, of course. If two people share a love of dogs, then naturally these two people will not only have a topic of conversation, they also most likely share some common personality traits.

That said, if you wish to go for free, one of the most popular free sites is plenty of It has a ton of members but the matching system may not be as good and efficient as say that of eHarmony, for which you do have to pay a membership fee but which in the end may really turn out to be worth your while.

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